About Us

We founded Floating O Farms in 2015. We released our first product, Elderberry Wellness Syrup, in February, 2018. Our family has wild harvested and raised Elderberries since the 1990's in Texas. Jason’s mother came across this wonderful plant and some of its traditional uses while researching our family’s Cherokee heritage. She made elderberry syrup for us the better part of our lives, and we were determined to find a way to share her use of elderberries with others! We wanted to ensure that anyone could have a stronger immune system and utilize "nature's medicine chest" to help the human body fend off invasion before more invasive medical and pharmaceutical practices are necessary.

Floating O Farms is a family owned and operated specialty farm located in Red River County Texas in the town of Bogata. We believe nature provides superior immune system support. Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis (L.) is one of those answers. Elderberries have long been utilized in traditional medicine and practices for its many benefits some of which are now being recognized in new medical research and clinical studies specifically for its antiviral properties.

Our "Natural.Native.Texas." Elderberry bushes are planted, maintained, and harvested by hand in the nutrient rich sandy clay soil of Northeast Texas at an altitude of 423 feet. The bushes are irrigated with a natural aquifer located 300 feet below the surface. No Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Synthetic Fertilizers or any chemicals of any kind are used on our berries! We strive to ensure that every elderberry used in making our products are of the highest quality and freshness. Our elderberries are harvested, sanitized, and frozen same day to ensure peak nutrition and freshness. From our farm to your table!

Our handmade Elderberry Wellness Syrup is crafted in a globally licensed and certified processing facility where our elderberry experts pay close attention to quality using third party testing.Our Elderberry Wellness Syrup has No artificial ingredients such as sweetners, fillers, thickeners, or preservatives to give you peace of mind as you pour it for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you as we finally get to share our labor of love as Mom did all these years with family and friends!

May Health Be Yours!

-Floating O Farms